Tiny Movement in the News

November 2015– The Strange Allure of Tiny Homes–Explained

Read the Realtor.com Article


September 2015– We The Tiny House People Documentary

Watch the trailer: http://tinyhousetalk.com/tiny-house-documentary/

we-the-tiny-house-people-documentary-by-kirsten-dirksen-full-length (1)

September 2015– College students can save on housing by going tiny!

“‘Tarzan’ and his tiny home move to Austin”: http://www.wfaa.com/story/life/2015/09/17/tarzan-and-his-tiny-home-move-into-austin/72372350/

September 2015- Tiny homes aren’t just for hipsters and hippies- they are being used to do some real good in New Orleans, Nashville and elsewhere!

InfinityVillage-Nashville-1.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart” Tiny houses and big hearts collide in Nashville”
Read more: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/remodeling-design/blogs/tiny-houses-big-hearts-collide-nashville#ixzz3kdOQ6uVd

July 2015- “Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses” goes viral

tiny house

My favorite response from a Tiny Houser comes from Macy’s MiniMotives– it’s honest and gets the original intent of the Hipstercrite 🙂

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