Shrinking Your Beauty Regimen

Moving into a tiny house, you carefully consider all the stuff you will need to get rid of.  You think through your kitchenware, your needless trinkets (all that shit that sits on you bookshelves other than books), and of course your wardrobe.  I didn’t really think about all the items in my beauty regimen until we moved in.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself ‘high maintenance’ but I do enjoy trying out beauty products and had a few too many of the little indulgences that can go with that.  From my skincare to makeup I quickly realized I had more than what there was room for. On top of that I realized that my morning routine took a bit more time than I thought was necessary- especially when we found out we were having twins, I knew I was going to need to cut out some products to save both space and time!


The space under our sink is one of my few storage spaces for beauty products. As you can see our builders put the pipes right smack in the middle (not smart when building usable space in a tiny house).  But a little help from the Container Store made the space more useful.  We mostly keep medicines and first aid under the sink but my hair dryer, flat iron, and curling wand live there too.

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Little Projects and Big Announcements


We have been hard at work on a few updates to the Tiny House since I last posted. But I can say we are loving life back in our tiny home and despite issues that come up with the construction and the impending legal action (which carries on so I cannot yet discuss), the tiny house life style has been a great move for us.

On top of six recent tiny house projects we have been working on (about which I will share  below) we have been busy filing taxes, ‘estate planning,’ updating budgets, and checking off other items from a very grown up checklist. Alas, it is not that we are incredibly ambitious and productive new years resolution-ers.  Rather it is the expectation of two more family members to add to the tiny house in the coming month that has motivated us to accomplish so much!

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I write you from our tiny house- celebration dance- that’s right we moved back in the weekend prior to Christmas and were able to spend the holidays in our home!

A lovely and somewhat obvious perk of going tiny is that the moving process only took a few hours.  And the length of time is more due to the drive time than the amount of belongings we had to move.  The interesting piece of move in day was that crazy Texas weather was even crazier than normal.

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Tiny Housers: the other 1%

I know it’s been months since I have posted about our tiny house journey- apologies!

There are several reasons I haven’t written that I hope to be able to share more about soon.  However, I am excited to say that we are making some updates and improvements on the house that I hope to share in the next month or so.  But in the meantime, I have been reading about the tiny house movement in social media quite a bit lately and I wanted to highlight two items: Continue reading

A Post about S**t.

I started this post months ago.  Before I even had a sense of what I really thought about using a composting toilet.  It all started with a NPR article I read about Trevor Noah, the then new host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

gettyimages-490454810-25_custom-72a944fd1384850826d026cf5e7404c7bcd2d7ed-s1100-c15I had just traveled to Durban, South Africa, months earlier and saw poverty in the shanty towns outside of both Durban and Cape Town.  And even more recently when I was in Lima, Peru I again witnessed how the lack of water and plumbing impacts millions in poverty.  One of my co-workers who recently hiked the Incan Trail and camped out for days was quick to express her joy over the luxury of a ‘flushing toilet.’ Continue reading

Touch Up & Settle Down

img_7183Last weekend Jared and I sat down to make a priority list of all the things we still needed to do in order to get the tiny house exactly where we want it to be.  The funny thing is, part of our move toward tiny living was to spend less time and money working on the house and yard.  But I suppose when you look for the most inexpensive builder, you get what you pay for and end up with plenty of ‘touch up’ projects to keep you busy. And the list of projects is pretty extensive. Continue reading

Travel Tuesday: Peru!

Last week I returned from a 9 day trip to Peru for work.  Myself and one of my co-workers and friends took 25 students to Lima and Cusco for a Leadership Center alternative spring break trip.

We met with business leaders and education experts; we learned about Peru’s upcoming Presidential election and their vast income disparity; we saw almost ALL the sites, from the catacombs of Lima to the ancient city of Machu Picchu.  It was amazing to experience this vibrant culture through with a Social Change lens, with 25 bright and engaged students, and with a dear friend. Viva Peru! Continue reading

The Inside Scoop

Seven weeks in the house and things are really starting to feel more settled.  We still can’t use our shower (our builder has said he would come up and take a look, but we aren’t holding our breath given their past history), but being able to come home in the evenings and actually relax and cook dinner makes things feel more normal.

But the extraordinary parts of tiny living aren’t lost.  I can clean, I mean deep clean, in 10-20 minutes.  It’s fantastic!  Decisions just feel easier to make because I have less options (truly with clothing this is a good thing).  And although we still have a lot of projects until we are exactly where we want to be with the house, I am so happy with where we are and where we are going: Continue reading