I write you from our tiny house- celebration dance- that’s right we moved back in the weekend prior to Christmas and were able to spend the holidays in our home!

A lovely and somewhat obvious perk of going tiny is that the moving process only took a few hours.  And the length of time is more due to the drive time than the amount of belongings we had to move.  The interesting piece of move in day was that crazy Texas weather was even crazier than normal.

The day of the move started out in the mid 70s and within the course of 6 hours dropped about 50 to 60 degrees into the teens.  This really put our NEW spray foam insulation to the test.

Let’s pause there- that’s right the spray foam job was completed which was the final hurdle before we could move back in.  And of course that process was not what we bargained for.

If you will recall, the job was postponed from Monday but our salesman felt pretty bad and said he would reach out to another spray foam company to try to complete the work that week.  And here’s the kicker- he, Frank Hargis, actually made good on that promise.

So after weeks of Comfort Saver Inc. delaying our project, our salesman was able to get Smart Seal Foam Insulation from Granbury to come out within days!  Smart Seal was able to match Comfort Savers bid and schedule us that week so our job was completed that Wednesday.  Smart Seal Foam was professional, courteous, and knowledgable.  We highly recommend them; in short, they were our saviors and the company that made it possible for me to sit here in the comfort of my tiny house and write this.

img_8108So back to our first weekend back and the crazy temperatures.  The spray foam definitely helped for where we were able to put it (floor and roof), but the difficulty remains in the walls and windows and the fact that our builders did not properly insulate there.  The windows all got frost on the inside and unfortunately our pipes froze and we lost running water.

That part may have been our fault- Watson had installed a hose bib on our water tank the week before to make it easier to let out all our old water.  And while all the other pipes and parts of the water tank were insulated, the hose bib was not.

We thought we would  just have to wait it out until Tuesday or Wednesday of last week when temps were back up in the 50s, but unfortunately the up and down temps and frozen pipes meant that when the water was able to finally run again, we discovered several burst pipes- argh!

I am happy to report that Jared, with the help of Watson’s tools and spare parts was able to fix the pipes yesterday.  And- not before he got soaking wet under the trailer in process of the repair- he has brought us back to the land of running water!!

But wait- there’s more!  We have made some really exciting updates to the inside of the house as well.  Our contractor, CJ built a shelf for our NEW vented washer/dryer combo with a cabinet above.  So now we have extra storage above and below.

We loved out Splendide, but weren’t crazy about the ventless option- because it used water to dry as well not only were we using more water per load of laundry but the clothes still came out slightly damp and were crunchy when they finally dried.  So we sold our old one on Craig’s List and bought a new vented option.

Thanks to Justin- Jared’s cousin- for help moving it onto it’s new raised shelf home. Yesterday Jared used a Milwaukee 4 inch core drill bit to cut a hole for a new vent and get the Splendide hooked up.  Review of the new unit coming once we do our first load of laundry in it!

The reconstruction of the laundry area as led us to move the drying rack/shelf to the living room which has actually worked out well for holiday decorations:


Other new inside additions continue to make the house more functional and homey:

  • After careful thought we decided to purchase a microwave.  We never needed one before but for reheating leftovers and cold coffee it is a bit of a luxury.  The absolute smallest that we could find.  This modern convenience also forced the move of our magnetic knife stripe but allowed for some more fun mugs to be hung!
  • We found these awesome hanging photo frames at World Market that we used to highlight some of the our travel that has been enabled by going tiny.  And we hung up two smaller bags on the bathroom door that will act as hampers for the Splendide (Jared read that these are the perfect size for a load in the Washer/Dryer):
  • Finally we added a new bookshelf to the second loft!  It functions both as extra storage and privacy.  Jared found a custom craftsman on Etsy named Tyler who made a beautiful piece for us- custom built and hand delivered. We asked him to build several compartment sized to fit these storage bins from Target.  Its very sturdy and matches our dark wood perfectly.


All four of us- including the dogs- are happily resettling and had a lovely holiday 🙂

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