Ready, set, pause.

Jared and I were in the tiny house both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, cleaning and preparing to finally move back in this upcoming weekend!  Of course, if you have followed our journey you must have already guessed it wouldn’t be that simple.

We have a spray foam insulation company scheduled to come properly insulate the trailer as our initial plans specified.  This is key especially in the winter, when the house gets pretty cold, especially the floors. So the insulation really is the lynch pin in terms of when we can move back in (check out this article on tiny house insulation options to understand why we need this!).

They were initially scheduled to to do the work the week after Thanksgiving, which got pushed back due to the company’s schedule.  Then they were supposed to be out this past Friday, but the weather was too cold (they charge an extra $300 if the work is done in under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, though I can’t quite say why), so we rescheduled for Monday- today.

When we texted our salesman to check on the time last night, he called back to inform us he had a technician quit last week and they could no longer do the work today.  Jared spoke with him and he was profusely apologetic and said he would try to get the work done this week, but without a date on the calendar and with their current track record I don’t have much confidence.

In the meantime, we have continued to make some useful and fun updates to the house:

  • A pull out trash and recycling bin for under the sink (Jared had to install some extra wood though so it would pull out over the lip our builders left on all the cabinets).


  • A portable dog pen that we put up beside the porch so the dogs have a little more room to run.
  • A shower curtain!  Yes, we finally gave up on the shower blind.  It was a fun experiment but the curtain is just more practical. We wanted a curtain that let in enough light though because our builders did not put a light in the shower. Jared ordered this one and said Wimaha had great customer service as we tried to order just the right size for our tiny shower.  It was just a tad long though so I used fabric scissors for a little trim.


Now, I suppose we just keep working and hope that we can get insulation before the Christmas holiday so that we can move back in.  Stay tuned…

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