Touch Up & Settle Down

img_7183Last weekend Jared and I sat down to make a priority list of all the things we still needed to do in order to get the tiny house exactly where we want it to be.  The funny thing is, part of our move toward tiny living was to spend less time and money working on the house and yard.  But I suppose when you look for the most inexpensive builder, you get what you pay for and end up with plenty of ‘touch up’ projects to keep you busy. And the list of projects is pretty extensive.


This weekend we once again called upon the talented and generous John Key (a parent of one of Jared’s volleyball players who is a retired master electrician).  He helped up get electricity running to the house back in December and this time came to help us set up an exhaust fan for ventilation in the bathroom (after finally getting that hot and steamy cedar shower working, we realized we needed a vent!).

So John and Jared successfully installed this bad boy in a few hours:

While John was here we had him install a dimmer on our over light and asked him to create two separate switches for our kitchen lights and track lighting.  But if you have read this blog before you must know it wasn’t that easy.

img_7130Apparently Chase and James’ electrician only used one wire for both lights and we found this empty, useless box where a light switch for the track lighting should be.  Chase and James reached out to their electrician and John said he could come back but it could be a pretty massive job if all the wiring is connected.  I guess we had to lose one battle with two other wins this weekend.

In other good news, we have almost cleared out, or at least organized the guest loft so there is plenty of room to inflate the blow up mattress (wink, friends!).


We also installed shed doors last weekend and moved our bikes outside with weather covers and locked them to the trailer to save room in the shed for the lawn mower.

My hope is this week, we can get a company to come out and remove this brush pile and of course we still have to find a solution to the old pee pipe, which continues to leak.


All in all, we have really settled in and are loving the tiny life.  The evening walks with the dogs have become a routine joy and have allowed us to see some of the most amazing sunsets.  Texas weather is bound to heat up soon so this may only last a little longer, but we are determined to enjoy every moment!

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