The Inside Scoop

Seven weeks in the house and things are really starting to feel more settled.  We still can’t use our shower (our builder has said he would come up and take a look, but we aren’t holding our breath given their past history), but being able to come home in the evenings and actually relax and cook dinner makes things feel more normal.

But the extraordinary parts of tiny living aren’t lost.  I can clean, I mean deep clean, in 10-20 minutes.  It’s fantastic!  Decisions just feel easier to make because I have less options (truly with clothing this is a good thing).  And although we still have a lot of projects until we are exactly where we want to be with the house, I am so happy with where we are and where we are going:

  • More time for Jared to write and me to travel (I am going to Peru in March with a group of students for Spring Break!)
  • NO MORTGAGE or rent!! Yippee- all our money is going straight into our forever home or other projects and activities that we love
  • Less environmental impact- we filled up our 320 gallon water tank a couple of weeks ago and haven’t come close to running out yet (granted we can’t use our shower, but still!)
  • And TIME, I am repeating it because it’s so important- Jared and I have been able to spend more quality time with each other, the dogs, friends and family already and we aren’t even entirely settled

I will stop yapping for now though, because I know all most people really want to see is photos.  Which is probably why my last post (least words, most photos ever) was my most read!  Without further ado…

The Living Room

The “Office”

I wanted to give you a side by side view of this to see how we multi-purposed the area but the captions explain in detail.

The Kitchen

The Closets

Two shots of Jared’s closet and one of mine.

The Bathroom

The Lofts

Satisfied yet? Of course you aren’t because things will probably be changing as we continue to settle in. So I will keep you updated with photos as those changes happen and give you more details on each aspect of our sweet 310 square feet.  Oh and thanks to Jared for capturing me as I took photos for all of you 🙂




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