Bit by tiny bit

We have been in the house for just about a month and a half now.  My apologies for not posting anything since we have moved in but I can confidently say we have been very much occupied with tiny house projects.  Before I can show you where we are now, however, I feel obliged to show you just how we got here.

The Delivery.

Getting Level.

Let there Be Light.

Projects and Settling.

A way out for the dogs.

Water flows.

I know everyone really wants to see photos of the inside, but we aren’t quiiiiite ready for that yet.  We should have things ready to go though in the next week so inside photos and more on our tiny living life coming soon!! And the premier of our tiny house reality show will be next weekend so I can finally post more on the experience after it airs.

In the meantime here’s a little video of what we have accomplished so far in 2016!




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