We’ve Got Mail! But Not a House.

Remember last week when I wrote in hopes that my next post would be from the tiny house?  If you know me or have read this blog you shouldn’t be surprised by this (we weren’t), but Chase and James postponed our house delivery yet again….

First it was that it wouldn’t be quite ready to go by Friday night so they would bring it Saturday.  Next, the weather was calling for rain on Saturday.  Not ideal driving conditions to tow a house, I get that.  But it turns out the forecast changes so that there was actually no rain on Saturday.  We texted Saturday morning with the updated forecast and only heard crickets until it was late afternoon and “too late” to bring the house.

Of course Sunday wouldn’t work because they can’t rent a truck and roads miiiight still be a little slick.  Monday it is.

The house is supposed to be here tomorrow afternoon.  We have no idea what to expect at this point.  We are trying to nail down a time in case I need to leave work early and can’t even get that.  So hopefully tomorrow it will be here and we can finally be done with all this guesswork!!

In the good new category, electricity is working and here is a nice little depiction of the ups and downs of getting mail delivered:

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