Coyotes, Snakes, and Scorpions- Oh My!


The house officially arrives on FRIDAY!!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost here, for real this time.

Chase and James will be driving up I-35 late in Friday to avoid traffic and should arrive late or even in the early morning hours on Saturday.  So this week will most certainly be dedicated to getting the house and us settled.

The impending arrival has also really spurred us into action to prepare.

This weekend we went to the property to build a dog run for the boys.  After reading on our neighborhood Facebook page over the last few months about coyotes, bobcats, snakes, and scorpions, we realized that our tiny dogs would need a small but protected outdoor area that would connect to their doggy door from the house.  They have always had a doggy door to use when we are away at work so it’s important for our peace of mind as well as their bladders that they have one in the tiny house as well.  But even though we plan to fence in a small part of our property they probably wouldn’t be super safe roaming around.

So over the course of 4 or so hours on Sunday we built this!  We plan to have a ramp or stairs that comes from their dog door and a roof to keep would-be predators out.  Jared found some good do-it-yourself plans online.  He convinced me with his industrious spirit that we could make it happen. The run is 8 ft x 8ft or 64 sq. ft. which is almost 1/3 the size of our house! These doggies are very well loved.

Actually the success of this project gives me great confidence for the many finishes touches we will have to work on once the house is here:

  • Built in desk
  • Bathroom light fixture and mirror
  • Bookshelves
  • Shower blind
  • Cushion for built in couch
  • Composting bin
  • Water tank cover
  • Fencing
  • And who knows what else…

We also built our sweet folding Ikea table/storage unit last night.  It just needs wheels on the bottom so we can store it when it’s not in use, but it sure is heavier than it looks.

I think we are both a little stressed with all that still needs to be done, but if electricity is completed by Friday as it is supposed to, and the house arrives on Friday night, we should finally have the chance to move in!


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