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It’s the last day of Thanksgiving ‘break’ and I just realized that I have not posted any updates about the house in a month and half! Apologies.

And if you believed, as we did, in mid-October that we would be in the house (as promised) by November, than you will be as disappointed to learn that our move-in date was pushed back not once but three times since my last post.

I get it- there are always unexpected delays in construction- even with a house that is one-tenth the size of the average American home.  And I get that we chose to work with a new company that essentially consists of two guys who are doing this as their ‘side job.’

But, this is our home and we have been living in transition for the last year.  So each delay, while not surprising land somewhere between annoyed, disappointed, and familiar.

So in case you want a recap of the timeline over the last month and a half (and generally over the course of the build) here it is:

  • Our original build was supposed to take 10-12 weeks and with construction beginning mid-July, the house should have been done mid-October at the latest.  That original date was the last time I posted photos of the house.
  • When we talked in mid-October the arrival date pushed back to the last weekend in October.  However, a delay in our cashiers check arriving in Austin (in took a week with the US postal service) led Chase and James to push back another two weeks and say we would have the house by November 16– when we were due to shoot for our unnamed Tiny House Reality show (another post will come on that experience after the air date in a few months)
  • When we, and the reality show producers checked in to make sure the house was ready for filming, we were told that it wouldn’t be complete but we could still film and would be in by Thanksgiving week.
  • When we went down to Austin on November 16 we were told we were 10 days out from receiving our house (even though it looked no where near done and little had progressed since mid-October) putting us at receiving the house the week after Thanksgiving.
  • Knowing that there was no way that was going to happen given the progress and the fact that our builders expressed that they had taken on other jobs and planned to take an extended building break to host family for Thanksgiving, Jared and I emailed last week to finalize the arrival date- SURPRISE we got pushed back again- this time to December 12.

I do, however, believe that is our real and final date.  Jared and I spoke with Chase on the phone last week and he promised they would work day and night to get it done by then.  I had the pleasure of playing bad cop in that conversation- “we have added nearly 50% of the original  building timeline to our arrival date, arg!! “Jared, played good cop- “we love the job that have done so far and really do appreciate all the work they are putting into it.”

But the end of the conversation I think we all understood that this is Nomadic’s first commissioned build and our first home build and we have all learned a lot in this process.  I think Jared and I will end up working on a lot more finishing touches when the house arrives than we originally thought.  But it is also kind of exciting to have a hand in creating the look and feel of the house.  In all, as long as I see that our house on our property on December 12, I think the last 18-20 weeks of the build will feel worth it.

In the meantime,  each time we inched back the arrival date by a few weeks Jared and I realized we still had a lot of work to do in order to prepare our land to host our land.

The painful saga of getting electricity has actually continued into this week.  We started this process in mid-September. After finally getting Mr. Electric to sign the appropriate paperwork, Oncor finished their part of the project and connected our temporary pole.

We then had to get Oncor to waive the city inspection since in we are in an un-incorporated part of the county, and then find an electric provider to actually set up our meter and deliver our power.  This is scheduled to happened sometime between December 2 and 11 and should be completed before the house arrives.

We recently decided against drilling a well, mostly given the outrageous cost of drilling through miles of bedrock.  We are currently purchasing a 300 gallon water tank and a pump in the hopes that we can be conservative enough with our water use that we only have to fill up monthly either at the lake house well or at our neighbors if he is kind enough agree to an arrangement with us.

We also put in our mailbox so we could test the postal service.  Jared insisted on putting up our mailbox at sunset last week:

And we finished the next day after the cement had dried.  He did a lovely stencil job with some mint green paint we found in the Knight’s garage and we sent our ‘test’ postcard on Tuesday.  We have been to the property everyday except Thanksgiving this week to check for it’s arrival.  No mail yet, so I get to play bad cop once again with the postal service tomorrow 🙂

IMG_6368 (1).jpg

We also ordered some of our cool home ‘extras’ including our main room and bathroom light fixtures, TV/movie projector and sound bar, as well as a fire pit that we decided to try out the first night it arrived:

It definitely feels like we are getting close and I know we would both love to be in before Christmas, so here’s hoping that the ‘two weeks’ to our tiny house’s arrival is the real deal this time- the countdown to December 12 has now become infinitely more exciting than the one to the 25th!


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