Countdown to Move In!

Jared and I ventured down to Austin on Sunday to walk through the house and chat with Chase and James about finishing touches!

2015-10-10-22-47-16That’s right- we are getting close to completion.  They said 2 to 3 weeks which would put us in the October 31/November 1 weekend area and would be perfect timing for several reasons:

  • Most of our weekends from here until Thanksgiving are booked with work travel for me, volleyball commitments for Jared, or wedding travel for college friends- Halloween weekend is a rare open space in our calendar.
  • We need to have the house for our November 14-16 reality TV show shoot.
  • Jared’s parents, who have graciously given us a home for the last year, just put their house on the market…the clock is ticking!

Luckily the house looks like a house and most of what is left to be done are cosmetic in nature.

2015-10-10-22-47-32In fact, I am less concerned about the house being ready on time and more concerned about the land.

2015-10-04 16.46.11.jpg

We still haven’t been able to get Oncor to link our temporary electric pole to service, which means we haven’t yet been able to schedule the well drilling.  I also can’t get the insurance company I have been speaking to, to return my calls.  I think I expected those in the tiny house community to be a bit lackadaisical about deadlines and communication but all of these companies exist in the mainstream world so I am definitely annoyed by their lack of timeliness, to say the least.

But I keep reminding myself when I get annoyed or stressed that we are so close to our dream!  The whole car ride back to Fort Worth Jared and I couldn’t stop talking about how excited we are with the progress.

As excited as we got during and after the walk through, however, we had to remind ourselves that the finishing details are really important and we would have to be clear and explicit with James and Chase about what we want.

So on Monday morning we sent a long email with clarifications and questions and then talked through everything with James last night.  It seems like every time we get nervous about these phones calls- are we asking too much?- even though we know this is our house and money and we should be clear.  Luckily James has been really easy to work with; he will give us advice if he thinks what we are asking for won’t work (i.e. we originally wanted a tankless water heater to provide immediate hot water, but James explained that since the kitchen is on the other side of the house getting really hot water won’t be possible with a tankless so we went with a large tank unit); and when it’s something new that we never asked for but it’s not a big deal (i.e. drawers at the bottom of the closets) he happily agrees.

So big items that will be accomplished in the next few weeks include:

  • Adding all major appliances
  • Finishing the floors
  • Cosmetic additions like couch cushions
  • Finishing and sealing the outside siding

With a, hopefully clear, deadline in view Jared and I will continue getting rid of things that have been hanging out in the storage unit for the past year.  The great thing about our extended timeline is that for most things we know if we have lived without it for the last year (with the exception of cooking items) we probably don’t need it!


One thought on “Countdown to Move In!

  1. So much progress! Getting very excited for you two. Move-in date is coming fast!!! And I’m sure it will be nice to feel somewhat “at-home” before the holidays.


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