Fashion Friday:Digital Closets and Capsule Wardrobes

Back in February I made my first post on moving toward a minimal wardrobe for the tiny house.  With (hopefully!) a month to go until we make the move to our tiny house, I thought it might be time to take stock of my progress.

I have done a lot of research into capsule wardrobes and other useful wardrobe minimizing tools in the past few months. And I have done a lot of purging making dozens of trip to Clothes Mentor and probably making hundreds of dollars on my discards.  In fact, the gradual downsizing of my wardrobe has been one of the more difficulty and continual efforts of the whole process- which is why I have decided to dedicate a series to that effort: Fashion Fridays.

But I realized today, when I started counting items that I am not that much closer to my goal than I was in February:

  • Dresses: 24- 17
  • Tops (tees, tanks, blazers, sweaters, etc.): 94-109
  • Skirts: 14-10
  • Pants:19- 21
  • Shoes: 37
  • Scarves: 12
  • Bags:14

For the two categories where I added, I honestly can’t remember if I was counting athletic clothing in February (and I don’t think I was), but this includes everything. Needless to say this is WAY TOO MUCH!

I had previously taken solace in the fact that the bulk of my closet hasn’t definitely gone down. But then I realized I started folding more- in Marie Kondo style might I add so everything looks neat- so taking stock of my closet and three drawers made me realize I still have some serious work to do this month.

I recently pinned a very practical guide to creating a capsule wardrobe and I think it has finally given me a realistic goal number: 50.

I stumbled upon NellieBellie– a minimalist lifestyle blog- on Pinterest this past week.  And her post about tips for creating your first capsule wardrobe was one of the more practical and useful explanations of how to get a capsule wardrobe that I have yet to see.  And that is how I came up with my number.
16The tool that I am going to use to help me get there is Stylebook– an app that helps your digitize and organize your wardrobe.    I have had the app for a few months now and I love the idea of being able to digitally style looks when I am not in my closet. The struggle has been uploading all of my clothing- you have to take photos against certain backgrounds which doesn’t work quite as brilliantly as the app and it’s blog suggest.

I likely won’t do another Stylebook ‘photo session’ with my clothes until after I purge this round, but I did discover when I most recently opened the app and had a lot to delete, that even though I haven’t made enough process, I have still made a lot.

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