Knotty Piiiine!

knotty-pine-covenWell, yes Fiona, that’s exactly what it is. Jared and I may have enjoyed the season 3 finale of American Horror Story, Coven a bit more than the average person; Fiona’s concept of hell is exactly what we are going for on the interior of our tiny house!

I know it’s only been a few days since my last post, but since the interior photo I shared with you was actually a few weeks old, the new photos that James sent us this weekend show a lot of progress.  Although, I was slightly disappointed to find that our goal date to pick up the house- Columbus Day- is a little ambitious.

Our October and November calendars are chock full of work travel, weddings, and baby showers so Columbus day weekend was looking promising. Especially because we need to have our house by November 14 when we are tentatively scheduled to start filming the Tiny House show.

Alas, I already knew firm deadlines are not a part of the Tiny House world.  Years ago that may have driven me crazy, but it’s all part of the journey and these photos got me giddy enough that I was definitely able to shake off the pushed back finish date:

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