It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts…

Friends and colleagues keep asking “are you in your tiny house, yet?”  When Jared and I started this process we were initially shooting for a summer 2015 move in.  Of course, the process of finding a builder, designing our house, and finding another builder (see earlier posts) set us a back a bit.  So when most people asked we would tell them Fall 2015 or more specifically September/October-ish for our estimated move in.

Well here we are in Fall/September/October-ish territory, but I don’t have a solid move in date to share.  What I do have to share are a few updates.

  1. Electric- after calling in circles to multiple electric providers, we used our across-the-street neighbor, Watson, as proof that Oncor should be our provider.  Tomorrow, an Oncor Service Provider, our electrician, and Tim (my father-in-law who has Friday’s off so he is helping us out-thanks Tim!) will meet at the property to determine where a ‘temporary power pole” can be built.   Temporary power poles look something like this and are typically set up on a property so builders can plug in their tools while building a home.temp-power-polejpgIn our case, we first and foremost need electricity so Watts Drilling Co. can drill our well.  But we also believe, because we will use so much less electricity than your average sized American home, the temporary pole may just serve our needs on a lengthier basis.  Time shall tell on that front…
  2. Water- Jared and I had played with the idea of a water tank and pump instead of a well for the last few weeks.  We have come to learn that while well’s are expensive, getting water delivered to fill out water tank (if we went that route) could be even more expensive because most companies nearby only deliver commercially.
  3. TV Time- We are moving forward with Tiny House Hunting but I won’t be able to share much about it, per our contract, until promos for the new season start airing in the winter.
  4. Interior Progress on the house- The photo below is from a few weeks ago and we haven’t been able to get down to Austin to see where we are now.  But it’s exciting to see the ‘rooms’ or areas start taking shape.  This photo is taken from the bathroom and you can see our closet area in the direct foreground, followed by our built in couch and living area and then stairs to our loft and the kitchen.  

I texted Chase yesterday to try to move closer to an actual date for house pick up.  Jared and I are hoping for Columbus day weekend because Jared already has off.  But we also don’t want to rush the process because it will be these interior details that really make it feel like home!

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