Half Way There and Living on a Tiny Prayer!


September has arrived and brought with it some exciting progress on the house as well as the realization that we will soon actually be living tiny.  Last week our builders James and Chase of Nomadic Cabins (who have a brand new website you should check out) let us know that the exterior of our build is complete!

We really love how the wood exterior looks!  And we both agreed that while we love the interesting gables and arches that a lot of tiny homes boast, our boxier exterior will give us more livable space on the interior, which is especially given Jared’s height.

With the current timeline it looks like we could be ready to pick up the house in mid-October.  I am hoping to head down to Austin one weekend in September to check out the build in person and so I can give James more information on our interior design choices (which we put much greater detail into than the exterior).

One opportunity that could push back out timeline slightly, however, is that we have been contacted by two Tiny House reality shows interesting in filming with us. Jared and I Skype ‘interviewed’ with Tiny House Hunting on the FYI Network last week and they already offered us an episode if we are interested.

Tiny House, Big Living of HGTV has also reached out and is currently speaking with James and Chase since their show pays much more attention to the actual building process.  We are on a sort of mini-hiatus on the build while we wait to work out those details because with the exterior build already completed we need something left for Tiny House, Big Living to film!

Our build is really starting to take shape which has also served as a reminder that we have a lot of work to do in terms of getting our land ready to put a house on it.

Being on property that is unincorporated has created a sort of ‘no man’s land’ when we are talking to electric providers.  For the last few weeks we have been bouncing around between Tri-County Electric and Oncor- both local electric providers- even though the only thing we actually need from them is to tell us where our electrician should place the ‘temporary’ power pole that will provide electricity to our house.  And of course we need power before Watts Drilling can come drill our well.  Power and water will be pretty key to making our tiny house our actual home so hopefully we will see some progress in the next week or so.

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