Travel Tuesday: Colorado


A week ago today, I returned from a ‘work trip’ to the AEI Base Camp in the Colorado Rockies.  It was actually my first time in Colorado, although I have admired the Rocky Mountains from the air in the past and may have spent a quick layover in Denver.  But even the birds-eye view couldn’t prepare me for presence these mountains have.  From their beauty to the physical effect of the altitude, my five days near Taylor Park, CO were dizzying.

Taylor Park.PNGPart of my job working with the First Year Experience at TCU is helping with our extended orientation program- Frog Camp.  Frog Camp ‘Alpine’ is one of eight themes for camps throughout the summer and is geared toward students who like the outdoors (and not showering for a few days)! In fact, we only had one opportunity to shower while we were,  exclusively used outhouses, and most often at night made do with the light of our headlamps and the moon.

We arrived at Colorado Springs airport and set out on a 3-4 hour drive west to base camp.  We were advised to drink a lot of water to avoid altitude sickness so there were plenty of bathroom breaks on the ride there.  And while I do think the water helped, I definitely still had headaches and a hard time running for very long periods.

img_9370I feel like camp fully captures the wild spirit of the Rocky Mountains and our days at base camp included team building activities, high ropes courses and zip-lining, rock climbing, and white water rafting.



I had really been looking forward to this trip for a long time and not only because I didn’t have to shower :).  I love getting to spend quality time with TCU students, so of course it was great to start building relationships with the class of 2019.

But more than that I have imagined Colorado as somewhere that we could live happily with our tiny house.  There is certainly a much larger tiny living community and I love having so many amazing outdoor activities right in your backyard.  It’s not the only place Jared and I have talked about buying a plot of land to take out tiny house to, but it’s exciting to know that it lived up to all my expectations and maybe even exceeded them.

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