Difficult Conversations


This past week, Jared and I both had to have some difficult conversations about money.

We booked our first tandem skydiving trip this past spring to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.  It was an extraordinarily rainy spring in Texas this year so our first three scheduled trips were cancelled due to weather.  Bad luck.  The next three scheduled trips were also cancelled due to…personnel issues or something like that.  Needless to say, you want to have confidence in the company you are going skydiving with.  After having to reschedule so often, with an overly cumbersome reservation process no less, we were pretty fed up.

We asked for a refund and the company- Rush Cube Outdoor Adventures (please never ever book anything through this company)-  and they told us they only process refunds on Tuesday (what?).  After hearing nothing from them for the past few Tuesdays I called back to find out our request had been denied.  Three very firmly-worded phone calls later, I achieved the seemingly impossible and got them to refund our money so that we can go to another sky diving company in whom we have more confidence.  Well at least we hope we are getting a refund- they said they are mailing the check this Tuesday, because…they only process refunds on Tuesday.

The other difficult conversation came after we received an email from our builders about additional costs of all the customizations that we want in our tiny house; an additional cost of about 15%.  The email was surprising and frustrating to both us because we sent plans to our builders this spring and they told us they could build those plans within a $40,000 budget. What about the contract, you say?

Well we haven’t really signed one yet. We put a lot of trust in our builders because they are a new company and the tiny house world is young so there aren’t a lot of examples to follow. But when we got this email we were having serious regrets about not having a contract. Jared has been working most closely with out builder so he was going to be the one to have this tough conversation.  We role played and googled “how to start difficult conversations,” but I think we both felt an incredible weight from what could possibly go wrong.

In the end, our builder was awesome and completely understood.  He realized he should have looked more carefully at the plans before told us he do meet our budget and because of that he is just going to eat the extra costs.  Don’t worry! He will be rewarded nicely for sticking to his word!  The relief after it was over was so great and we even got some updated photos of the build the next day.  Oh and we are finalizing our contract this week…


4 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations

  1. I highly recommend the book Crucial Conversations for this very thing! The same group of researchers also authored Crucial Confrontations, which I haven’t read yet but may be even more relevant for those extra fun conversations. It sounds like you both nailed the convos though! 🙂


    • Thank you so much Leanna- I actually had training for work with my students last year for crucial confrontations. It’s funny because I didn’t even think about that as we prepped for our convos, but maybe it was in the back of my mind and was one of the reasons they went so well?!


    • Thanks for reading Macy! Our builder is a newish one out of Austin, TX- Nomadic Cabins. It’s two guys, Chase and James, and they don’t have a website yet but you can find their page on facebook. They have only built one other tiny home prior to ours, but yes, we are super lucky that they were good to their word!


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