The Breakup and New Relationship

Forgive me for recycling this analogy, but we finally heard back from Greg and, like the classiest of your exes, he simply responded back with our final designs and wished us luck with our new, closer builders.



And just like a relationship that has ended with a new one on the horizon, we are both excited and nervous as we anticipate the beginning of the build with James and Chase.  I mean, Greg may not have given us what we needed in terms of responsiveness and sticking to timeline, but he is very experienced and he knew what we wanted.  We want to make sure James and Chase can fulfill Greg’s design while also getting the build done in a timely manner. It’s a tall order for this new relationship but not quite as tall as our, road legal, 13’6″ tiny house!


Jared and I worked with Greg to raise the first floor ceilings in the bathroom to 6’8″ so that Jared can continue singing, dancing, and beat boxing in the shower without hitting his hands on the ceiling.  Jared will also, obviously be sleeping on the 4’3.5″ side of the loft rather than the 3’1″ side which will be my home 🙂

The final design is below!  We debated a bit on whether or not to put this online since we paid $800 to have it made.  But we have found the tiny house community to be pretty open and generous so far and thought if anyone wants to build something similar, they could just contact us and we would be more than happy to work with them and put them in touch with Greg to create similar plans.  Really, when you are building a permanent living space this small I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have it customized completely to your own lifestyle and needs.  So without further ado…

We just got back from a weekend at the lake and waved hi to our property on the way out and back and decided to set a few goals for ourselves for this week:

  1. Schedule a meeting at the property with a company to clear out the parts of the property that need to be cleared. We are in the midst of researching a few company options but if anyone who reads this knows anyone…??
  2. Get back in touch with the Well company we are going to work with per Watson’s suggestion- Watts Drilling Company which is actually located only about a mile from our property.
  3. Touch base with James and Chase about our visit to Austin this upcoming weekend to schedule a meeting and discuss timeline and such!

I think Jared and I are both starting to get really excited about the progress.  We started looking up fencing for a dog yard today because we realized that by this fall we will be in the house and need some space for Bogie and Griff to run around.  That is, if our new relationship with Nomadic Cabins lives up to its potential 🙂

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