BIG MOVES on the tiny house.

Happy Independence Day! Jared and I are one step closer to our independence and tiny house dreams.

Last weekend Jared and I trekked it out to the property to see if the surveyor had completed flagging off the perimeter.  Learning from Jared’s previous experience we had long pants tucked into boots and were fully coated in bug spray. We also met our neighbor- Watson.  In fact, he saved us on his 4 wheeler and let us know that we shouldn’t really walk around the property without a hoe- insert joke here- because there are plenty of snakes…lesson learned.

Survey of Land2.jpg

Although, when we out, the survey had not yet been completed it was a few days later.  And we got the documents we needed to finally close on the land.  But of course it wasn’t that simple.

While I was wrapping up June Orientations and working a ton, Jared was working a ton on the paperwork that was totally screwed up by both the realtor- Dana, F***ing Dana- and the title company.  Our offer had not included closing costs and somehow they appeared on our closing documents.  Luckily Jared was able to show our paper trail and made a lot of calls to get things mostly cleared up.  Although getting to closing was not easy and I cannot thank Jared enough for all the work he put into it, I will say once we actually got to the table to sign the paperwork it was refreshingly easy compared to buying a house.  When you pay cash and avoid the lending companies, there is significantly less paperwork. Yet, another bonus to tiny house living 🙂

All that to say we closed this week and now own a lovely .37 acres of land southwest of Fort Worth- 20 minutes from work and 40 minutes from the lakehouse.


In other news, Jared ventured down to Austin last weekend and made some time to meet with Nomadic Cabins.  He was able to see their first construction- see below- and actually has his meeting Chase (one of the builders) in the house.  Jared said at first it seemed small but after 5 minutes it started to feel just right and bigger than you think.

Jared felt confident enough in the meeting that when he called we decided to fork over our first $10,000 installment to have them get started on construction.  James the other building partner for Nomadic is on vacation in Pennsylvania until this upcoming week so once he returns they will get started on our build!!

It will be an estimated 8-12 weeks before it’s done and Jared and I are hoping to head down to Austin in a couple of week so help with the build. I think we are even going to try to rent an Air BnB Tiny house to stay in while we are there.
So with all the exciting progress, Jared and I had one more item to take care of- getting the finished plans from Greg with Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes and officially let him know that we would just pay him for the plans and being going with another company for the build.  We carefully crafted an email together to Greg, it felt like a breakup email; so much guilt.  And yet Greg has still not gotten back to us nearly a week later after we broke it off with him.  Go figure.  He reminded us of the very reason we are not going to have him build it.  His unrepsonsiveness has pushed our initial move in goal of the end of July back to a more probably September move in.  But at least we are moving closer to our Tiny House independence on this great holiday!

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