The “Tiny Effect” is Everywhere

eachpeach13-e7bff1053ad3ba44263e00627c0cb155464d10ac-s400-c85This isn’t really my idea or even my post, but I read this story on today and it just screamed “Tiny House Movement” to me.  It seems grocery stores are shrinking in square footage because millennial  consumers want quality food, quality experience, and less choice.

Less choice may be a misnomer- only less choice when all the choices are essentially the same.  This concept is reminiscent of Christine Carter’s “The Sweet Spot” and “satisficing” (I also heard about this book and concept while listening to NPR)  The idea is that you can have high standards but once you meet those standards you stop researching and are happy or satisfied with your results rather than continue to search and finding so many options you could never be satisfied with just one (i.e. the Paradox of Choice).

So while we continue to toil and negotiate on the land front, I thought I could hold you over with someone else’s words on how the philosophy at the heart of the tiny house movement is seeping into other industriesGrocery Stores Are Losing You. Here’s How They Plan To Win You Back.

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