A little less stuff and a lot more adventure.

11412138_10100512861563346_8425689690980631686_nI leave tomorrow for Alaska to see my sister in law, Kristin Knight Pace, Jared’s oldest sister, finish the last leg of the Yukon Quest- a 1,000 mile dog sled race from White Horse, Canada across the Yukon Territory to Fairbanks Alaska.  The sentence I just typed blows me away.  Not only because Kristin is doing what so many people only imagine and talk about but that I have the opportunity to see it; to be there.

2017-elevation-mapOne of the biggest motivations for Jared and I to sell our home and move toward a smaller way of living was because we wanted to have more experiences.  And less things and space we own and need to take care of leads to more time and money to spend on adventures like this one.

292491_719613192389_40064208_nWe actually were lucky enough to visit Kristin and her husband Andy outside of Denali National Park where they both work three years ago in the summer.  Alaska in the summer was breathtaking and it was actually one of my first experiences with tiny living.  I don’t know if Kristin and Andy would claim that they live in a tiny house (and they have since moved to a larger cabin since we visited in 2012) but they were incredible role models in terms of living for experiences rather than things.  They love nature and their dogs (they have their own kennel from which Kristin’s sled team is composed), they love the work that they do and aren’t afraid to take risks.  Even if they don’t claim it, so much of their life is what the tiny house lifestyle is to me.  They really have been an inspiration to us not to put off life and the adventures you want to have, but to dare to make it all happen now.

So tomorrow, bright and early I depart.  I have surprisingly little packed considering how cold it will be.  But I was told to pack light so we can throw my bag in the dog sled and that I will pretty much wear the same thing everyday- done.


First a four hour flight to Seattle and then four hours to Fairbanks where I will meet Tim and Kat (my mother and father in law). Then we drive about four hours to Circle Alaska, one of the race check points where I will meet up with Jared, Andy, and Mandy (Kristin’s dog handler team) and hopefully see Kristin at the check point.  I am not really sure what to expect other than temperatures around -40 degrees Fahrenheit and if I am very very lucky this cool light show I have heard about 😉

Catch you on the flip side.

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