Not Everything is Bigger in Texas…


less-is-morePart of our move toward downsizing was selling my Honda CR-V (Jared also has a Toyota Highlander Hybrid and is there really a need to have two big SUVs??) and buying a new Toyota Prius C.  We loved the idea of having a very fuel efficient car for long trips and decided we liked the style of the C (which stands for City and is smaller than regular Prius or a Prius V) the best.

So far we love our decision, but in Texas- the land of Trucks and ooversized SUVs- I will admit that this lil guy stands out a bit.  Of course, if either of us are feeling “small” there are always smaller vehicles that can make us feel massive….

2015-01-09 17.39.40.jpgBut hey, we don’t mind standing out and let’s be honest, our views (political, religious, etc. etc.) are already put us in the minority in Texas.  So the transition to a tiny house when it seems most people are striving for larger and larger houses seems like it should be natural for us.

As we near a decision on our tiny house builder, I recently came across two articles that reminded me that bigger is not always better. The first was a study out of UCLA and posted to one of Jared and I’s favorite tiny house blogs- Tiny House Talk–  that found a family of four on average only routinely uses 400 square feet and much space in a typical American family home goes unused.


The other article is one I came across quite some time ago, but paints a lovely visual of the top reasons we want to go tiny:

  1. Mobility and self sufficiency; who knows where we will end up, but we love the possibility that wherever it is we can take our home with us!
  2. Financial: the cost of building a tiny house leaves owners with little or no debt and significantly lower taxes
  3. Decreased maintenance (and cleaning), which translate to increased time for everything else
  4. Reduced carbon footprint
  5. The ability to be more creative with our space!

The other interesting piece that I saw in the infographic is that although everyone thinks BIG when they think TEXAS, we are currently living a state that is a part of the growing TINY movement and who doesn’t love that alliteration??


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