A boy, a girl, a sold home and a dream!

A lot of people have asked me recently, “when did you decide you wanted to build a tiny house?” That question feels so intangible to me- like when your significant other asks when you first fell in love with them.  For the record, Jared is not the kind of husband who asks this.  But of course you wonder; try to pinpoint the moment.  It’s been the same with the tiny house.  I’m not really sure when it became a serious idea, but here we are in 2015 with a sold home and a dream.

So if we are going to really dig deep and get philosophical about when the tiny house dream first started, you might need a little back story:


In a lot of ways I think I have led a pretty ordinary life (and by ordinary I mean a very privileged form of ordinary).  I grew up in a small town with a loving family; two parents who are still married and an older brother.  I graduated with the same people I went to kindergarten with.  I went to college and graduate school. Got married, bought a house, adopted dogs- you know, the – (just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how type out the abbreviation for the usual- http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/the-hardest-word-to-spell-ever#.in2BDpqDR- this is a horrible sign for my future at being a productive and on topic blogger).

2016_03_26_11_35_480004But in a lot of ways,  I have also always been very unique. I just have a knack for doing what I am supposed to do; not rocking the boat or making trouble.  Essentially I was following the cultural instructions and my life reflected that.

But then there was one day when I started to wonder whether my definition of success and the “normal” definition might not be the same.  My husband Jared wrote a poem a couple of years ago that touched on our everyday life: laundry, work, blah blah blah and it just seemed so depressing. It was supposed to be. That was the point. And it was very well written, but it was so weird that Jared wrote a poem, because honestly that is not something he often does.  He is a writer, but of screenplays, not poems.  And maybe that’s why it stood out so much to me, but whatever the reason for remembering this moment so vividly, maybe that’s when the wheels really starting to churn?

Or maybe it was when we found out a couple years ago that we couldn’t have kids unless we use IVF.  Not a big deal, because yes, someday we can and will still have kids, but IVF is expensive and intense and well it’s just not as fun or easy as the old fashioned way.  For me it was a “life’s not fair/sucks” kind of moment and of course I quickly shoved my inner brat back into the depths of my soul because I am a really really lucky person. But it did help push us a little further off the “traditional” life path and some of those traditional ways people define success.

Suddenly we were talking about visiting Europe and Africa and skydiving and all the things that we wanted to do before had kids.  And then those things started happening. And all of a sudden I felt like I understood how I wanted to live my life.

This past summer we were in Poland in the small village where my Grandmother was born img_3076and while we were walking around town with a young man (who was trying to help us find my Mom Mom’s house) he asked Jared and I if we lived in a big house.  He was fascinated by the fact that we lived in Texas.  We of course said no.  Our house in Arlington was lovely but nothing to brag about.  “Just a small three bedroom, two bathroom” house we replied.  “Oh wow, that is really big” he starred back.  Then he invited us to his family’s small two bedroom, one bathroom house where Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, little ones, and pets all lived together happily.  And they asked us to share lunch with them.  That moment- their joy and hospitality- really stuck with me.

When we returned from our trip Jared and I had a new appreciation for spaces- grand and tiny- as well as for what we want to see and do.  So that’s when it’s started to gel.  I had seen tiny houses online, mostly on Pinterest, for quite some time.  They were adorable, but who actually does that?  Well by the end of the summer, it seemed, we were actually going to do that.

Our house went on the market in October and we got the offer we accepted that same day. We closed in November and moved in with Jared’s parents- a wonderfully generous offer to let us live in their upstairs guest space while we plan and build the tiny home of our dreams.

December was full of activities and travels:  we sold my SUV and bought a Prius C- the first step in downsizing.  We had a huge yard sale and sold all of our furniture on Craig’s List.  I made a lot of trips to Clothes Mentor to get cash back for my clothes.  We actually added to our possession list, but decreased out carbon footprint by buying some sweet bikes we have been cruising around Fort Worth on. And now it’s January.  2015.  A new year!  I am about to turn thirty. We have been married nearly five years and so begins the adventure of building our dream home. Our tiny dream home.

We have been drawing up sample plans and emailing builders for the last few days.  But I know this will be a long journey.  That is why I created the Curious Knight Life.  We are making some weird choices, to say it plainly.  But choices that make us happy.  We are doing what is right for us and with each step I am more confident in the path we are taking.  So here we go, please join us- via the blog, not in the tiny house though because you know there will be no room 😉

2014-12-23 18.38.28.jpg

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